Baby steps….

So…. It’s my first blog. Do you ever have so much to say.. So very much to say… That you don’t even know where to begin?  Well.. That is me. All day and every day. Sometimes I look around and ask… Did that just happen?  My life has always been straight out of a twisted sitcom.  My friends say… “You should write a book” , “why is your life so weird”, and the good old .. ” that would ONLY happen to you” 

It started me thinking… which is frightening…  But I started to think…. I SHOULD be writing all of this down!!  Maybe someone would want to read it.   Maybe even if it’s just therapeutic for me.   Maybe I could sell it to Amy Schumer.        Or maybe some self righteous, pompous, and whiny hipster could just pick it apart….grammatical errors and all.

Anyways… Here is the start of my blogging journey. Hopefully it will provide you with insight, hope, peace of mind and direction. However….. It will most likely just provide you a good laugh, maybe introduce you to some good tunes, maybe Waste your time with useless information or just make you think… Thank God that’s not me. Haha. 

Whatever floats your boat.


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