Don’t get me wrong …. If someone wanted to give me $1 million… I would take it in a heartbeat…. As long as it didn’t hurt anyone else… Or I had to put up a false front to get it.   However, a million dollars??  That is very unlikely to happen. I work seven days a week… most of the time… And I feel like I worked pretty hard at my job. Even if I didn’t have to work… I probably would. I probably would be so bored if I didn’t. I don’t rely on anyone, I don’t want anyone to provide for me, I don’t make decisions on my life based on what I can get from someone else. Which brings me to this post today…

When I see women make decisions about their life based on how much money someone has… It makes me ill. How can they not work… But feel so comfortable to hold their hand out and ask for money. Even if they told me in detail over and over again… I still wouldn’t get it.  I have witnessed a woman jumped from man-to-man …having kids here and there by all of them… And I find it funny that she always finds a way to get the man that is extremely well off.  I don’t get it.

  As much as that makes me sick… Watching men do this …makes it worse.       A man would choose a wife, girlfriend , lover ….all based off of her income, her home, her vehicle…. Really???  It’s pathetic and sad.   I think living a life based on what you can get from another person… Money, material things, and so on… Is truly cruel, lazy, mean, heartless, and despicable.  That’s the example they want to set for their children?   That’s how they want to live their lives?  It’s so disgraceful.  

In the past 10 years, I’ve seen more and more of this kind of thing happening. 

When I was younger I heard the term Golddigger a lot. Music, books, magazines, TV, movies… You would always hear the term Golddigger.  I honestly thought it was just some sort of weird stereotype or fabrication of some kind to make a joke more funny or make A song more interesting. I guess I  never thought that sort of person actually existed.              Could Kanye be right?  

Money and material obsessions really hurt a lot of people in the long run. Is it truly bringing these people happiness?  Is it truly filling the obvious void that they have in them?  When they look around… Is all this worth it?  I am curious to when they lay their head down at night… Do they have any regrets? 

Why do people feel that money or gifts Will fill a void?  When I was growing up… My father made a lot of mistakes… They were very hurtful. He would always come back with a present for me… And I think he thought that I would just forget what he did or said. Nothing you could ever give me or buy me could make me forget his behavior.  It was insulting… It just made me feel worse. When a good friend of mine was going to move away… I got a gift. Don’t get me wrong… It was a sweet gesture. Harmless.  However, as I sat there heartbroken .. staring at it. It killed me… Because I knew this gesture could never fill the void of the loss. It only made me more sad… That I was gaining this THING and I didn’t have THEM anymore.  Now… I realize i sound like I’m dangerously tiptoeing over the script from one of my favorite movies… Say anything. Oh… How I wish there were actual Lloyd Doblers in the world. But Lloyd said it best ” I gave her my heart… And she gave me a pen”.   Well played Mr. Cusack. 

I don’t want money, gifts, or any material things to take The place of people. No amount of money in the world could fill some of the voids that I have.  No fancy house can make me feel better.  A gift cannot erase memories.  I could never go to bed at night… And wake up with a clean conscience… If I had used somebody to gain something… or Anything.  

Why are people afraid to work hard , be responsible for their actions, be held accountable for their actions,  be honest, be faithful?? Why do they want so much for themselves…while they give so little??  

Money….  The word itself is exhausting.


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