Changes are stirring…

this past week has be a whirlwind.  I like to redirect my sails from time to time… But this time I feel as if I’m ready to take on a long journey.  

Besides now having purple hair…  I have changed a lot of other things.  

My sleep schedule… Caffeine intake…  Organization & scheduling ….  How I handle certain types of people…  Learning to say no…. Scheduling time for me… Taking time off of work for my son…. Limiting the time I give to people that may be toxic or negative….  Reminding myself to appreciate more of what’s around me… Making a business plan for myself …. Making a commitment on buying a home. 

I call it the “grown up plan”…. It’s better late than never I suppose?   Haha 

I tried this plan a couple years back and it terrified me.  It was out of my safety zone and I ran back to old habits, negative /over thinking, clinging to the familiar…   Basically I gave up.   

I am back on that road again.  This time… a little more determined.  

Here’s to jumping roads in the opposite direction… Where it goes?  I’m not incredibly sure… But it is one less traveled and that is what’s so intriguing. 



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