Smiling yet crying….

This is so sweet… I just cried like a baby! This is how it should be.. Two people grow old together.. In 64 years he couldn’t wait to see her. He couldn’t wait to hold her hand😭😭😭

Why can’t these two be in the same home?? It’s so rare to see two people together who actually love each other. Sure it happens from time to time… It should happen all the time! People settle… Or they do what’s best for their finances…. Or they do what society thinks they should do. I know I’ve seen too many movies and my head is in a Disney cloud… But what about being with someone because your heart can’t wait to see them, can’t wait to hear about their day, can’t wait to hold their hand, can’t wait to see them smile… When you look in to their eyes, hold their hand, be in the same room with them… There should be magic. 

This video and These two special people are absolutely lovely.


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