Song of the Day…

The Murmurs-   You Suck 


Ugh… Why me


The guy I’m dating hates cats, doesn’t know what the word “loathe” means and has a Rocky poster on his bedroom wall.

FML…. what in the hell am I doing? 


Went to Wicked last night…

I had never seen it live. Only videos and recordings. Many years ago I adopted the song Defying Gravity as my fight song…         I remember getting the soundtrack and watching videos from the show and identifying so much with the character Elphaba.  I knew I would be a crying mess as soon as the first line ” I hope you’re happy”  was sung.

I did… I cried through the whole song.

Then this song hit at the end… It never had an affect on me before… Maybe it’s just the timing…   Watching the ones you love slip through your fingers … Or knowing one of your best of friends is going through so much pain and stuck in a hospital…

Anyways…. It brought me to my knees. I turned into a puddle on to the floor.

Here are clips from the                                         ” original ” Wicked G’s  … There is also some video  footage from Kristin’s last Performance.

” For Good”. –  Idina & Kristin

Saturday @ the Nile

I’d like to start off saying … 

People… Especially men. Should shower & put on deodorant before attending a concert. Actually… Before they go anywhere. 

Made a trip to The Nile tonight to see Against Me & Cayetana.

Never seen Cayetana before…  It’s a shame that sound system was so terrible because these girls did a great job and they have a great sound.

This is the first time I’ve seen Against Me live… They were pretty damn good!  Unfortunately they had to deal with all the yahoos charging the stage.. Singing in the mica, hugging band members, stage diving… And all that jazz.  So dumb.   FYI if I pay for a ticket … I want to see the show. I didn’t pay to lift your ass up all night. 

Greatest part of the night … A little girl held up a sign that read… ” it’s my 8th bday… Could you play Wagon Wheel… which they did.   Here’s the video

Here’s the group Cateyana…. Check them out here……
All in all… For being at The Nile… It was a great show

Off to sleepy land I go… Got to work In the morning and plus I’ m seeing Wicked tomorrow evening. 


So… For the past week my good friend of many many years is in the hospital having brain surgery.  I feel so helpless… I don’t know what to do for her and her family.  They say they don’t need anything right now. Anyone that knows me knows… That it kills me not to be able to help or fix something or make something go away that’s hurting them.  Also.. My heart hurts… I don’t want her to suffer.. I just want the doctors to fix her fast and she heals and feels better.   My faith in doctors and with hospitals has never been great.  I’m trying so hard to keep the faith … Lately… I just want her to feel better 😭

Prayers and positive vibes would be appreciated.  Thank you.  

Sadness turned to anger…

After realizing how incredibly dumb I am to be hurt and treated like absolute garbage over and over… I’m not sure if I can cry anymore.  So what usually comes next… Anger.  I’m in a good healthy rage at this point.  My wall is built an extra mile high.   No one is getting in…. Those that are out.. Can stay out. 

In honor of not giving a shit…. Here’s Scorpion Vs Tarantula. Why? Because they are bad ass and I’m pretty sure they don’t give a shit either.

I’m a mess….

This song … Has wrecked me…

How can you love someone so much that breaks every piece of you and throws it in the gutter… I’m so stupid…. 

I’m stupid for letting someone treat me like I’m garbage… And acting like I’m nothing.  The worst feeling in the world is to be treated like you are non existent…. 

I sit here crying and feeling destroyed … How can I still have love in my heart when it’s been absolutely obliterated

This song has been on repeat for three hours….. It’s killing me