Mr. Marley had a point… 

What irritates me…. Entitlement, Bigotry, Hypocrites and people who cherry pick the bible to push their own agenda. 

Social media is a breeding ground for these types of people.  

This morning I viewed a video posted of a woman screaming in a fast food place because her order was wrong… It was a special order because she didn’t like the way they made it because her children only ate red peppers and not green… This mistake was obviously the worst thing that could happen to this women.  She went off on a rampage and when the lady at the register spoke to the cook and didn’t speak English.  A three minute rant about…” how this is America and you speak English” …”not speaking English is rude”…                 ” the customer is always right”… And the finale of her rant ” in America , we get it right the first time” 

Do we ? Does America do everything right the first time? Obviously no one is as perfect as her. 

I understand being frustrated when you are on a tight schedule and something puts a kink in the plan… Frustration? Fine.  Being an ignorant entitled piece of garbage? Not cool. 

It really set me off this morning.  I would get started on people that ” cherry pick” the bible to push their own agenda on the  ignorant.  But…. I don’t even have the energy. That will have to wait. 

I did view a video this morning of a clip from The West Wing … When they expose a cherry picker and it was fantastic… I think i will just post that.. It speaks volumes…
The video is from Occupy Democrats.  I don’t endorse most Republicans or Deocrats. In fact I think one group is a bunch of whack jobs and the other a bunch of wussy cry babies. However… This video is brilliant.  

I also love watching people I know.. And have known a long time post things about politics or morals.  The best examples I can give are .. When someone posts something about the legalization of marijuana or who is morally wrong with the way they think , the way they dress or women who aren’t married.  She is a perfect house wife with numerous children a living and supportive husband and they love their church.  Sounds fantastic… Good for her… Thumbs up and gold star for you!  Meanwhile… 20 years ago she was the biggest lush and pothead on the planet that would screw anything that moved.  Am I judging her for her past… Nope. Everyone learns and grows in to different people. Well …most do.  I do find it funny that she would throw shade to someone else though.. Knowing her past is a bit rough here and there.  She also told me many years ago that divorced people will burn in hell… A handful of years later she was divorced. So I guess I will see her in hell? 

My favorite is watching people post about pro-life and pro-choice. While each side makes valid points … Each side also presents ridiculous and bat shit crazy points.  Nothing makes me laugh more than watching someone post pro-life stuff when in the past they have made a couple trips to planned parenthood to resolve.       ” an issue”.  Maybe they forgot? Maybe they have changed their views  on the topic since then?   Either way… It’s cool. I don’t judge.  I have absolutely no right to judge. What’s done is done and it is what it is.   But… Once again… What gives them the right to start judging people?  

The truth is. No one truly knows someone’s situation… And they shouldn’t pretend they do and don’t presume/assume they know.  Everyone has a differenct opinion, shares different views,  has a different religion or doesn’t have a religion. I’m not sure anyone of us are entitled to point a finger at another person for their thoughts , beliefs, religion, sexual preference, heritage and so on.  

What do I care about? 

I care that people have children that they are going to love & support. I care that people do not act out in violence. I care that people have a roof over their heads, food in their mouths and clothes on their backs. I care that people are gracious, grateful and good hearted.  I care that people are tolerant, compassionate, and understanding. 

I think everyone learns something new everyday…Sees things in a different light. If they don’t… Well … I just feel sorry for them. This is a big world, filled with amazing people , places and things.

Social media exploits the bad in everything and everyone.  The news is the same.           I say … What makes you happy? What makes your heart sing?  What challenges your way of thinking?  What inspires you??

If it doesn’t hurt anyone else… Go for it!

However, the world doesn’t owe you any favors. People are not here to be your servant. And… You are not entitled to have a perfect life… You have to work for it.  You have to be willing to give before holding your hand out. You need to be willing to love before you hate.

You can’t cherry pick your way through life…  There isn’t an easy path to take you to your destination. 

So live, love, understand, sing, dance, laugh, forgive, be generous, be Grateful, be gentle… Be you. 

The world and life is harsh enough… We don’t need any negative harsh words and actions from the people that live in it with us. 

Am I going to start singing One Love?  Maybe?  😉


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