My weekend

My first full weekend off in a loooooong time…has been a dream!   Sleeping in , catching up on laundry ( yes… It’s a good thing), watching the Dbacks games, getting things organized around here, spending time just hanging out with my son on no one else’s schedule , jewelry making , reflecting , and having time to enjoy a cup of coffee rather than slam a cup. 

I have spent weeks house hunting and decided to hold off.  I know what house I want… I know where I want to be located. So I’m waiting until My son is a bit older … Then I will buy a house.  I decided that opening my own business is more important at this time.  So I will be diving in to that.  It is exciting…. Yet absolutely terrifying.   Haha! 

I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend as well.  Squeeze the people you love tight…and have a beautiful day. 


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