Morning News…

As I sit here drinking my coffee and reading the morning news… I’m so friggin annoyed.

First… The news being reported online is absolutely not news.  Even when it is news.. It’s written so horribly and most of it based on opinion & hearsay.  What happened to reporting on actual facts.

So that annoys me.

Second… The people that comment on these articles. Frightening!  Are there THAT  many ignorant people in this state?


Before you start… I get it… Opinion, freedom of speech … Blah blah blah …              Yes … I get that.   I’m talking about the ignorant comments.


  1. Article last night posted on a possible suspect for the 1-10 shootings. News reports he is a SUSPECT and his gun is linked to 4 of the shootings.  Now.. It also goes on to say that he pawned the gun… Which means he may have bought this gun at a pawn shop… Right?? He may not have??  The answers to these questions haven’t even been answered. But…. The media continues to put his full name, his family and his Facebook page online.  I’m not saying that he didn’t do it…. But the evidence isn’t completely in that he did.  Just last week they slapped some poor guy’s face all over social media and television for the shootings.. Come to find out he wasn’t involved at all and they booked him for weed.  I mean seriously? 
  2. Another 1-10 incident:  Governor Ducey (aka Governor Douchey ) goes to Twitter and tweets ” We Got Him! ” Um… Did you?  I mean… I hope you did if you publicly announced it.   He’s not the sharpest tool in the shed sooooo…. I do have my doubts.   On the flip side:  as much as I can not stand this man.  Someone posted a comment that his tweet did not have correct punctuation.  SHUT UP!  It’s a friggin tweet!  You can’t post a paragraph people.  However…. Even if he did post a paragraph I do have a feeling it would be grammatically all screwed up.  Irony ?   A governor that wants to reform education in this state to the point of extinction … Can’t form a sentence.  It’s actually pretty funny if you think of it.  
  3. I actually Find this next part sad.  Days before any arrests or connections were made… I was reading posts by people saying… I bet the shooter is some “home boy” on welfare. I read..  It’s probably some low income gangster looking for street cred.    When the Hispanic gentleman was brought in for questioning.             ( which they plastered his face all over social media  ) people posted.. He’s probably some illegal druggie trying to kill us!  I read a post stating it was probably ” some Muslim” that wants attention for 9/11.   Yesterday… The police made another arrest and guess what ??? He’s a white man.   What do I see posted today?   ” they have the wrong man”. ” he probably suffers from PTSD”.  ” he probably has some mental problems and needs help”

Now don’t get me wrong…. I hope they did catch the right person. However… This only explains 4 of the shootings out of many.  So… There’s still an issue.    Do I think this man is innocent?  I don’t know?  Do I think there is more people out there connected to this?  Yes I do.   Am I an expert on any of this?   Absolutely Not. 

Our media in AZ is lazy and incompetent. 

The people that have been posting on social media about this issue… Are freaking annoying.

Hopefully… Something good will come out of all this. 

Hopefully soon … That way all the self proclaimed psychological profilers, forensic experts, and defectives of arizona will shut up.  


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