Went to Wicked last night…

I had never seen it live. Only videos and recordings. Many years ago I adopted the song Defying Gravity as my fight song…         I remember getting the soundtrack and watching videos from the show and identifying so much with the character Elphaba.  I knew I would be a crying mess as soon as the first line ” I hope you’re happy”  was sung.

I did… I cried through the whole song.

Then this song hit at the end… It never had an affect on me before… Maybe it’s just the timing…   Watching the ones you love slip through your fingers … Or knowing one of your best of friends is going through so much pain and stuck in a hospital…

Anyways…. It brought me to my knees. I turned into a puddle on to the floor.

Here are clips from the                                         ” original ” Wicked G’s  … There is also some video  footage from Kristin’s last Performance.

” For Good”. –  Idina & Kristin http://youtu.be/7FXwR765fkQ


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