Because I’m over dating…

My Saturday Night: I pretended to be injured, threw myself on the floor and called to my cat for help. I laid on the floor for 5 min until she walked past me to get to her food. 

I guess I know where I stand with her.



Playlists are an essential part of a road trip.

Right now I’m working on one for my trip to California. I can’t wait to get the hell out of here. 

Love thy neighbor….

Ya …no thanks.

My neighbor is a total prick.  It’s bad enough he has to rev his motorcycle up at every hour of the day. Or….His wife and him have screaming matches about once a month. However, the most annoying thing is that his television is so loud that it rattles my walls.  Yes .. I live in an apartment.  It wouldn’t be so annoying if it was during the day or early evening but the loudest is between 10pm-6am. Nope not kidding.  

So this one is for my white trash P.O.S neighbor. 

How hard is it?!?

Dating sucks… 

I rarely  find a person that I want to get to know. Then when I do they either say something super weird , have terrible taste in music, or what not.

Last time I dated someone… Found out four dates in that they hate cats and had a Rocky poster on their wall.

Today… First date… He says he LOVES Metallica and they are genius.  Um… NO.

I’m sorry but I can not date someone who listens to Metallica, Tool, Korn and digs classic rock.  Nope… Can’t do it.

He also hadn’t heard of half the bands that I like…. Why is this so hard???


New Tunes

Some new purchases I made this week…

Allison Weiss- New Love

The Weeknd- Beauty Behind The Madness

Pretty in Pink soundtrack- 1st edition on vinyl

Janet Jackson- Unbreakable

Lana Del Rey- Honeymoon

Ryan Adams – 1989

Cayetana- Nervous Like Me

New Found Glory – Hits

I’m thoroughly enjoying my new tunes 

This song….

Allison Weiss- New Love is released and it’s fantastic!

I love this song ” Back To Me”

And no… I don’t identify with the lyrics.  In fact ” Hold My Hand ” came on the other day and I ripped the door off the hinges.

Was it right? No

Was it the ” mature” thing to do? No

Did it make me feel better? Hell yes it did

So… I’m not crying over my heart being broken. I’m not sad.  Now I’m just pissed. I have filled that void of longing, sadness, and love. Now…. It’s filled with anger, hurt and hate.

Is it right? No

Is it the ” mature” thing to do?  No

Does it make me feel better?  Hell yes it does.

So… Listen to this tasty treat from Allison Weiss.

A sense of relief….

It’s been two weeks I’ve seen my friends since her surgery.  She couldn’t have any visitors and after the first surgery had complications… Another surgery had to be done.  

I finally got the chance to see her today.  Words can not describe the relief of seeing her up and walking and being … Well … Herself!  It was amazing.  I just hugged her as tight as I could and cried. I’m still super emotional about it. There are no words that can describe my relief.

I’m so happy she is home. Now hoping she doesn’t have to have the other surgery and everything goes well and she heals and gets stronger.  We’ve been good friends for almost 25 years… I don’t know what I would do with out her.