Over it…

Here’s what I’m tired of…..

I’m tired of seeing posts first thing in the morning of some dumb ass going on a shooting spree. I’m tired of seeing more dumb asses post some thing under that news article about how ” guns don’t kill people”.  I’m tired of people blaming “mental health ” being the key factor in these situations.  Most people with ” mental health ” issues shy away from crowds and will usually hurt themselves before anyone else.  

Here’s the real deal…. The people that are shooting are sick and evil bastards.  They are usin a weapon that they shouldn’t have. Now before people start crying out ” don’t take away my guns!!”   I’m not saying anything about your ego boosting guns.  I’m talking about a regulating how people purchase them.  If you pass the new and improved test with flying colors includin mandatory gun safety classes… Then yes  there will be a gun for you.  If not… Tough shit you don’t get one.  

I don’t know what the answer is… But I do know that this is getting ridiculous!   What good is having a gun of someone walks up to you in your sleeps and shoots you?  Or is hiding across the street and shoots you in the back??  Um… Guess what? You’re fucked and most likely dead.  So no…. Having a gun in that scenario doesn’t help.  I’m over everyone wanted to pull out a gun like this is Tombstone.  Over it. 


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