Another year older…

Another year older & another year wiser …right???

I hope so. I’ve learned a lot in the past couple of years. Not to trust so much, to detach from toxic energy, to relax and let things go, to not give people or situations my time that take me for granted.

It’s been a year long date-a-thon.  Which has been very boring and predictable. It’s been a bit of a snooze fest.

By the end of this year I will  officially be divorced and my maiden name restored. Which I don’t plan on losing ever again.

I have plans for myself but finding the $$$$ to back those plans is discouraging at times.  I am at a crossroads now professionally and I’m definitely stalled in the middle.

Naps…. I’ve invested time in taking naps a few times a week.  Yes, it sounds like I’m a little old grandma. However, don’t knock it until you’ve tried it. 

This year has been better than the past couple years. A definite eye opener or a kick in the ass at times.  However, I keep moving on.  Each step I get a little stronger,  distance myself away from what’s harmful, forgive the hateful hearted, and forget the hurt.  I reach for my goals, try to learn a little more everyday and put myself on a positive path. 

It’s hard when you give your heart to someone time and time again… Only to have them take a hammer to it repeatedly. It’s hard to trust people. It’s hard to feel love again let alone think about giving your heart to someone else. I’m rebuilding and healing everyday … Little by little. Usually I feel wounded and feel as if my heart is vulnerable… Not strong enough to handle another crack. However, lately I feel like it’s been calloused over.  It’s  not empty… It is full of love but definitely protected and out of reach. 

I’m looking forward to another year of growth…. and naps… Definitely naps. 😊


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