I’m crushing… And unfortunately… It will go no where. I finally ran into the girl wants boy but boy doesn’t know she exists story.  This could get interesting.

I don’t crush on guys often. Maybe once in a blue moon. But… When I do … It’s hard for me to shake.   
In fact…. I still talk to 95% of my crushes.

Not sure how or why … But there are just guys I’ve let in to my heart, my mind, my world… And they haven’t left yet.  

1. The Football Player- 

2. The Charmer – 

3.The Clubber

4. The Smart Ass

5. The one I will never get

These five crushes are all trouble. LOL 

#5 is an absolute challenge. I usually love a challenge… But this time I know I won’t win this one. I’m completely out of his league. It’s a bummer. 👎😕


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