Food for thought 1/3/15

We live in a ” it’s not good enough” society. If people aren’t pointing fingers or spewing out hateful & negative words about what “someone” didn’t do for “them” …. They are pointing fingers at themselves thinking they “aren’t good enough”. Maybe today before you think that unnecessary thought or before you utter one more complaint….Appreciate something, someone or even yourself. We all get caught up in the hustle and bustle of life. Work, bills, schedules, deadlines…. And so on. 

It’s easy to get trapped in a negative space if you are stressed, busy or just having ” a day”. But for once….. Just once maybe think about how much others go out of their way for you, your family , your community, your schools. Maybe sit and reflect on how much you’ve accomplished, how you keep your life, family, job functioning without missing a beat. You’re doing the best you can …. There are People trying to do the best they can. 

Give someone a pat on the back for once instead of a kick. Give yourself a pat on the back for all that you do. There’s enough things in this world that are negative… Give yourself a boost today. Not only will it make you feel good… it will make the people around you feel good as well and set an awesome example to your children, family and friends. The world is hard enough as it it sometimes. Appreciation goes a long way. Don’t forget to recognize yourself. You’re worth it. Let’s make today great. 😊



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