I’m confused….

The LDS church has released a  statement saying that they will exclude children from a same sex marriage membership to the church. 

I am confused.

I have many LDS friends and read their posts on Facebook. Of course it’s usually on Sunday, after their many hours in church… It’s usually never during a busy weekday or fun Saturday with family.  Anyways…. Back to the original topic… I see their posts about how they are against abortion and the church is against abortion. I see posts that start off with… “All children’s lives matter”, “these children didn’t ask to be born” , ” God chose you to be this child’s parent” 

These are All well and good…. I get all that. 

 The church thinks these children should be born because they matter.  They praise people that have adopted. They preach “family matters”.  Yet…. If a child is chosen by God to be born by a same sex couple or was adopted in to a family of a same sex couple…. They aren’t important anymore??? The church refuses to teach the gospel to these children?  But… These children didn’t choose their parents. If everyone goes off what you preach… God chose them.   So what is it?  Is it …. Children’s lives matter but only if it meets the ” standard” of the church?  If you really were concerned about their well being… Wouldn’t you open your arms to these children?  Teach them the ways that you feel lead to a better life and one that God   may approve of?  If you say God chooses who these kids are born to… Then what you are saying is… That God is wrong and you are right. Um…. Isn’t that …. Disrespecting God or  Against God’s plan?

I am not against gay marriage,  anyone that is gay or any gay loving family that wants to adopt. A person is a person & a Family is family in my eyes.  I do not belong to an organized religion … But I am a Christian. I do not belong to an organized religion because of crap like this. Most are run to breed power and income before actually teaching gospel and so forth. 

However… Isn’t this a bit hypocritical of the LDS church?  

Listen…I don’t agree with the LDS teachings. I don’t agree with how they strong hold their members. However… I’ve seen the LDS church do great things. I’ve also seen them completely destroy lives.  I feel like they are trying to do the right thing… Most of the time?  But this… This is….  Well ….it’s fucked up. 

I couldn’t belong to an organization or take place in a thought process of save them all as long as they are like us.  That seems.. Ungodly. 


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