A few choice words…

I have been gearing up for this coming weekend.  I will be a vendor at the MesaMusic  Festival.  I feel like this week is spiraling out of control.  

  I have a few choice words for today so far. 

I’m exhausted, I’m still not feeling 100% well, and I have three deadlines I’m meeting this week. So after I weeded through the choice people who decided  to judge and criticize me today… I still had 10 things to do before I go into work. 

Not going to lie… I’m so fucking tired. 

Trying hard to remind myself what to be grateful for today.  However… I just want this day to be over.  

Sunday is hanging over my head and I’m trying to produce jewelry, design a booth, find all the fixings for a booth( even though I’m broke as a joke) , figure out how to get all this stuff there and load, unload, set up and reload for that day.  

My son is willing to help.  But… Me and a 13yr old isn’t going to cut it. Lol. It’s going to be interesting that’s for sure.  Ugh… All I can do is hope for the best.  Fingers crossed.  

 I did cheat today and have a coffee from Starbucks…

 1. I can’t afford it. 

 2. I’m trying to cut back on caffeine, sugar, fat… Um… Pretty much everything.  I need a boost… But I will have to work twice as hard tonight. 

18 necklaces made                                                    5lbs down.                                                               1 miracle needed to get through this week 😉


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