In A Song….

There is so much one can say in a song.  There are so many songs that evoke an emotion for me.

Anything by Barbara Streisand makes me think of my mom. I always miss her the most this time of year.  She truly made Christmas magical.

The song True Colors by Cyndi Lauper makes me think of my brother.  He was so young when my mom passed.  He didn’t understand what was going on. We were in and out of houses for a bit. When we moved in with our father … Our stepmother was incredibly mean to him.  I wish I wasn’t so young when it all went down… I would have done things differently and would have protected him more. 

Cats in the Cradle makes me think of my father… His absence and lack of everything.  Jim Croce… Classic Rock… I hate all of it.  Except the Beatles music.

Anything U2 reminds me of my ex husband… It was his fave band. I hate them.  I turn it off as soon as I hear it because it makes me nauseous.

Baby Mine … This one is for my son. Just thinking about makes me tear up.  In my whole life… No one has shown me love like he has.   I never knew it could feel that way.  I’ve never had anyone show me that much love before. He truly makes me not want to give up.  He’s my everything.

Then there is THE list of songs that are on THE list.  This list is banned from being played … At times.   Sweet Jane, Angie, Chasing All The Stars, Pictures of You, Love Song, Somebody, I Want You Now,  Tenderness,  It Had To Be You,  Twinkle, Bizarre Love Triangle… And more.   

But this song….  This song seems like it was written for me. It is everything I would say to a person because I’m too terrified to say it myself. One …because  it’s the only person I’ve ever loved. Two… Because I know it wouldn’t matter anyways.    This song is basically my hearts plea.  I will most likely take it and every emotion it ignites in me to the grave. I don’t think I’ll ever love someone again.  So one more time… With feeling …  Because I have no words. 


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