Allison Weiss & Friends

Last night I had the pleasure to see Allison Weiss and her squad perform.

It was amazing!!!  

It’s too bad there were only around 50 people there ๐Ÿ˜•.   People missed out on a kick ass show… 4 bands for $12!   Decent venue.. Shitty parking…  Decent priced drinks…. Fun & silliness … Great tunes! 

(Side Note:  the music engineer at the Rebel Lounge needs a swift kick to the balls for not having the levels set decently and didn’t fix them until the third act had to tell him how to do his job…. Come on man. I’m not even a musician and I can tell that shit was messed up.  Guitar monitors blaring… Center vocals quiet??? Give me a break dude. )

Rant over … 

The show opened up with Kid In The Attic. Not too shabby!  They are very chill but fun.  They have a good sound!  Unfortunately … Since the sound levels were messed up it was a little hard to hear the lead singer. That was a bummer ( dumb sound guy… See rant above ).  I enjoyed their set and will be checking their stuff out online.  There  was a “fan girl” in the front row… Who literally tried to run over their set.  She was annoying… Everyone unfortunately had her name and her likes, dislikes, comments,opinions force fed to us.  She either had a massive girl  boner for the lead singer or she was incredibly inebriated… Not even the guy with her could calm her down. Ashley  you are a dirty hooker pirate.

Second band… Winter.  Um….  Not terrible.  How can I describe their music?  It’s like  taking an Ambien with some NyQuil mixed with a sedative.   The lead singer was like a sedated Courtney Love that has been awake for 7 days.  They are all very thin… And they kept sitting on the floor… Then laying on the floor.  I felt like running out and buying them some pixie sticks and Mountain Dew.  Maybe they were indeed very tired? Maybe they have the flu?  Or on cold meds? Not sure… They have a decent sound… Just sleepy?  

Mal Blum…. I was pleasantly surprised by this one.  Very green on stage,  not comfortable with her surroundings, socially awkward… Seemed a bit nervous ?First song…seemed like Lots of jitters.  Then some chatty banter with a band mate and Mal relaxed and was off to the races.   Mal is great!  The set was fun!  The songs were snarky, quirky, fun  and filled with just enough anger & sarcasm! Haha!!!  I am a Mal fan now! ๐Ÿ‘. It was during this set that we all found out that the squad had found a puppy in Wilcox , AZ and basically took it under their wing.       We all met the puppy and heard their 24 hour puppy stories. It was fantastic!  Mal talked candidly to the audience about struggles with fitting in with the world, sadness, finding a happy place in music and life… And of course I immediately adopted Mal in my head.  So I added them to my list of people that need to be saved, helped or taken care of.  Not a mafia “taken care of “… Like a grilled cheese and soup package, maybe a fuzzy blanket, or an 80’s movie care package. You know…. Things that are important in life. When I saw Allison Weiss for the first time perform… She immediately went on the list too ๐Ÿ˜Š.   I have adopted many people… Possibly too man people.  Lol!!  Anywho….If you get a chance check Mal Blum out… Please do… The music is great! 

Allison Weiss…. I can’t say enough about her.  She is just amazing. Always puts on a great show. Always sounds fantastic. Always has a funny story.  She is truly entertaining.  Her shows are just perfection.  Not too planned… No BS…. No gimmick….   Just good music, a good time and I always walk away feeling like that was the best show of the year. She sang  so much of her new album …. Which is totally fine because I love that album. She did do some older songsโ€ฆ Fingers crossed, making it up, I was in Island, and an acoustic Wait For Me ( which of course I cried the whole time LOL). She even did her Robyn cover… Call Your Girlfriend. Which I’ve never seen live, so that was a treat!   I always love that she is at her Merch table… Even after midnight… Being chatty and grateful for her peeps.  I just adore her.   I bought a Say What You Mean in the Coke Bottle vinyl and the shirt I’ve been wanting for over a year.  Let’s just say I’m a happy girl. ๐Ÿ˜Š

Oh and there was an old man they look like Bernie Sanders sitting at the bar.  My friend Donna got a kick out of that all night.  

It was a great show, it was a fun night, it was a late night ..ha ha!  I am super sleepy this morning but it was oh so worth it!  I am looking forward to her rolling back through Phoenix soon. ๐Ÿ˜Š


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