Really? What’s wrong with people???

This sums up my morning.                           It’s not even 9am yet….

You think you would be able to turn to a parent for help, guidance…whatever.   Nope…they want to talk about themselves and how bad their life is, about your sibling and how hard his life is or  about conspiracy theories. I mean…. I e had to out up with a lot of shit in my life…. And most of it he was never there for or caused. Yet … I still try to show him understanding, patience and forgiveness.  

 I’ve been on my own for so long now…. I’m not sure why I’m surprised.  I will ever treat my son like he’s  a second … Well… A Third thought.  

It amazes me how many people there are that can hurt you physically, emotionally and mentally… Yet still expect you to bend over backwards for them.  However, they don’t have time for you, can’t have a conversation, or show any decency. Amazing.

This is why I never rely on anyone. Most  People are dishonest, self centered, and hurtful animals.  They want you to keep building them up just so they have the momentum to tear you down.

It’s pathetic and sad.

Sometimes i would like to yell….” Hey! Try not to be you today!  Why don’t you pretend you are a decent person instead of a complete dick.”

The thing is… It would be a complete shock to their system of they were actually nice and acted like decent human beings. 

Here’s another example….  I gave someone a compliment yesterday. I told them that their work/talent was basically fantastic.  Instead of just saying thank you… They went ahead and stated that they didn’t like how I said it because I didn’t use the words that they preferred.

Um…. Ok.  Are you fucking serious?   I go out of my way to congratulate you on a job well done and tell you how great it was and you want to respond like that?  Once again…. An example of Tearing someone down once they build you up. You can’t put your ego,your agenda, your beliefs, your self righteousness away for two seconds …and just say thank you??  Then you can go on your merry way.

This world is fucked up. 

You have to search for compassion, understanding, kindness, love…. With a magnify glass because it’s almost impossible to locate with in a 10 mile radius… And that’s just fucking sad.

Oh… I love the people that say they care about you but treat you like your existence doesn’t even exist on this planet.  Really? Is that how people show they care about each other?  Seriously??

You fucking people are ridiculous. 

 I hope you make great memories and lovely times while treating people like shit and pushing people straight out of your lives.  You must be so proud. Standing there judging people while you’re so fucking perfect. 

Will I change who I am to mold in to this harsh, cold, judgmental, self centered, entitled, hateful world??    Absolutely Not.  I will continue to be me.  I will continue to teach my child that love,kindness, compassion, understanding, and generosity is a good thing and should be given in abundance and should never be taken lightly or for granted. 

Have fun being a total ass… I hope that works out for you. 


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