This is so sad to me 

It’s amazing just how screwed up people are. There’s no decency , no respect, no accountability…. We live in an entitled society. 

Who parented these people? These people were most likely parented by the same group of people who point fingers at others to raise their child while they are indulging in selfish needs. Look how these people grew up… Look at their greed, their lack of integrity, their sense of entitlement. It makes me sick. And before you start saying … These homeless people need to get jobs. Shut up…. Just shut your face. Yes… There are some people that beg for change as a living that don’t need to and are very capable of getting a job. They are like the people in this video… Disgusting. However, there are some people that can’t hold a job.. That don’t have the luxury of getting a good nights sleep, a phone to set an alarm to wake up, clean clothes for the next day, a shower to get ready for the day, a up of coffee and some breakfast to hold them over before their lunch break, keys to a car that they don’t have, money for a cab , bus fare and so on. I’ve lost faith in so many people this past year… Or humanity in general. Yes there are great people out there… But their numbers are diminishing more and more. I don’t know…. I just hope that people open their eyes to their surroundings soon.


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