The moment of realization….

You live, you learn, you move on….

I use to want to be there for everyone and for anything.  Not so much anymore.  You see….   There are a lot  of people in this world that don’t give a flying fuck about you,  they pretend to … But they don’t. 

They have never felt true love in their hearts.  They have never felt an ounce of compassion,  they are insensitive to anyone’s needs but their own.

The world is messed up because there are these kind of people in this world who are so self centered….and just plain selfish. 

I volunteered my time today to help a group of people.  It was a holiday weekend, I wasn’t getting paid for it, and it took time away from being with my son. A lot of these people showed up late, unprepared, had bad attitudes or just didn’t show up at all.   I had to do everything in power to hold back from unleashing the fury on these people.  It amazes me just how shitty people can be…. And the examples they set for their children.  How can these type of people go through life…using people, treating them like their worthless, displaying such entitlement… All in front of their children??  Seriously…. What is wrong with these people?

It’s so hard not to lose faith in humanity right now. People are so cold. They display sociopath behavior at every turn. 

I’m to the point …. That I don’t trust anyone or anything. I fight that feeling everyday.  Why are people so dishonest and selfish? Why are people so mean? Why can’t people stop killing other people? Why does there always have to be one ass hat in the room?   

It’s exhausting. I’m exhausted. 


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