My day….

Sitting at home on a Wednesday evening… Yes a weekday and I am home.Kinda odd

I’ve been pretty sick this past month. Doctors appointments, tests.. And so on.  Let me just say insurance and pharmaceutical companies are a bunch of money grubbing pricks. I’ve paid so much money in the past month. I’m so over it. 

Today i went to the doctor and ended up getting X-rays and a valley fever test.        X-rays are just awkward.   Having a male X-ray technician is even worse.  

Nothing worse than to feel like absolute shit and then get hustled by insurance and drug companies.  I am sick… There are antibiotics that will help. I can’t even imagine the people who have cancer or AIDS… How do they cope?  They have life threatening illnesses. If  I can’t afford my medicine… How can they afford theirs????

It’s makes me sick.  Such greed. 

I have one week. If my health doesn’t improve… I have to see a lung specialist. 

Since my mother died of lung cancer at the age of 40… I am a bit on edge.  Of course I am going through a bit of panic planning.  I went ahead and put things in place… I would never want my son to go through what I went through. 

I’m not being a negative Nancy… I’m staying positive. Just call me cautious Cathy.  Haha 



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