The Phoenix rises… Again

Time has gone by so slow.

Recovering from an upper respiratory infection.  Hoping this will go away in the next of couple days. If not… Then it’s off to the specialist.   I’m exhausted… I haven’t felt well since Halloween.  I’m just done. 

I lose my health insurance at the end of the year… Awesome timing for me to be going through this. 

I think if you are married to someone and they are unfaithful and treat you like garbage… They should lose their insurance instead.  They should have to pay to change their name.  

But that’s typical right? A man comes in lies to you… Tells you what you want to hear… Tells you how much they love  you …then leaves you left for dead … Thrown in to the landfill with the other garbage. 

Hahaha garbage my ass!

I am an independent woman who has and always will support herself.  I am a hard worker.  I am successful at what I do.   I am an awesome mom. I am creative.  I am loving. I take care of people in need. I love animals and animals love me. 

Yes “I” … Right now it’s about me and “I” fucking deserve it. 

I am fucking awesome. I have been beaten down mentally & emotionally. I have been violated. I have been lied to. I have been abandoned.  I have had my heart mutilated. 

But…. I’m still here. I’m still fucking here and I stand taller than before.  

” I ” am strong because of ” you” 

All of you.

If I should die before I wake … Know this.   ” you ” did not destroy me                                 

“I” will run free with the wind.    ” I ” will run wild with the animals.  ” I ” will travel like water. ” I ” will shine bright like a flame.  ” l” will see over everything  like the stars.   ” I ” will always be me…. In life and in death.  “You” did NOT and will NEVER  be able to destroy me.

So all of you that have a serpent’s tongue… A heavy hand…malicious  intent…. 

” I ” think you all are cowards.  Cowards that are unable to speak an ounce of truth. Bullies…. Who were never loved properly or taught how to be decent human beings.  I forgive you for that …and I pray for you. 

But…: I will never forget.  

As ” I ”  embrace me…. And my life on this planet. ” I ” take back my power tonight. Burn my troubles away in this flame and like the Phoenix coming from the ashes… Rise to fight another day. 



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