Holding out for a Hero

It’s only half way through the month and I’m already exhausted! 

This months schedule has been brutal. Running from one thing to the next. If my health was 100% it would be easier. 
It’s been rehearsals, shows, parties, school functions, meetings with insurance , appointments  with doctors… It hasn’t slowed down.

Through all the craziness there was some fantastic moments…

My son’s  Winter  orchestra concert

A  Whoville Company Party 

A Christmas Show benefitting a great foundation 

A  Build A Bear Party

These events have been very special and have warmed my heart.

Though I have been very busy and my health has not been well. I have gone to bed every night for the past week … Happy, Content, at Peace. It’s been too long since I’ve felt that feeling. 
The other night as I sipped my night time tea,  put on the white noise machine and gave myself a dose of natural oils…. It came over me like a wave.   I am happy.         I am content. I have made peace with things. It elevated me to a different plain. 

   I have cried in the valley of sadness for so long.  Blazed through my stage of anger/vengeance/hate/bitterness for a short period of time. To burn any past thoughts,  doubts, fears, betrayals, hurt… I burned through all of it. With darkness always comes light. As I disintegrated the dark… I made peace with a new beginning. A new strength.  I would say a new hope… But that’s just my inner Star Wars geek…geeking out for this week’s release.  ( insert fan girl squeal here)

Ok… Moving on…

Yes. I’m disappointed in people.                      Yes. I think this world is cruel & heartless                      Yes. I put too much trust in people.               Yes. The hero that I placed  in my fairytale has left me to die… Just like before… Just like the others..there is no music, fireworks, flowers, and white horses.  There won’t be any rescues. 

And like time … And time… And time again…

I rescue myself.          

 I am the one that will ride off in to the sunset. Away from the dark forest , the evil in this world.  I ride on to a higher plain.. And reside in a higher level of consciousness…. And never look back.



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