A Time Out….

Amen!I realize it’s the holiday season, schedules are hectic, money is tight, many have colds/flu, everyone’s tired, everyone’s working hard….

But maybe … Just maybe ….everyone can take two minutes to be grateful, thankful, encouraging, positive, kind, peaceful, and enjoy what you have. Instead of complaining, nagging, being nasty , hateful or spiteful and entitled. I get it…. EVERYONE…. EVERYONE …has their moments when we are exhausted, spent and we just are done with the day. Lol. I get it.

But….with all that is going on in the world, at your work, at home, at school , with your family/friends, with yourself…. 

Wouldn’t it be better to take a deep breath and ask yourself… Is this really a problem?  

You may save minutes, hours, days… Your sanity… Just to realize that the problem that’s plaguing you may be a self made issue.

Relax, let it go… And in the words of a great American poet named Taylor Swift … Just shake it off. 

Isn’t there enough hate /fear/crisis going on in the world around us ? Do we really need to inject unnecessary problems in to this equation?  

When I get worked up on an issue and stuck … I ask myself … Will myself or someone I love be hurt/killed/scarred for life by this issue? If the answer is no .. I move on.  

All of us have many responsibilities. There isn’t ONE person that has more to do than the other… Especially this time of year. 

It’s the holidays… Enjoy them. 

Look at the people around you. 

Look at the roof over your head.

Look out the window of the car that you drive.

Look at that latte in your hand.

You are doing good. It’s going to be a good day. You’re going to have a beautiful holiday. 

Inject some positivity in the world… All of us… Give your inner Debbie Downer a time out. 

For me… It’s Christmas time. That means a little time off from work to relax and spend time with my family and friends…. And no morning alarms. There is nothing better than that. 😊

And ….Star Wars comes out this weekend.  

Come on! What’s not to love about that?!?!
Wishing you and yours a great weekend, a happy holiday, a beautiful Christmas and sending lots of love n’ best wishes for 2016. 

Hugs n’ Kisses to all. 😊


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