Something in the way he moves….

Yeah.. I sort of ripped off a Beatles lyric for this one.  

I’ve always been a sucker for a certain type a guy.  One that acts like the bad boy but deep down is a teddy bear. They one that is the life of the party but has a pretty predominate dark side.  

What usually happens. I meet him … I’m automatically intrigued.  

Has this happened many times?  No. But enough times.  

The outcome…not good usually but it’s one hell of a ride. 

This one…. This one has caught my attention for a little over a year now. Is he gorgeous?   Yes.  When I see him do I want to violate him in a hundred ways?  Yes!   Does he think anything about me? No.

It’s beautifully tragic.

So… It’s early Saturday evening and I’m sitting here. Thinking about him. I’m a curious kitten and he is very intriguing. 

What’s a girl to do? 


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