Out of the norm…but so worth it.

Anyone that knows me is well aware of what kind of music I listen to. I mostly like alternative/indie music. So when this album came out I didn’t have any interest in listening to it. However… I had heard one song A few weeks ago and it really spoke to me. Come to find out… This album is what I needed. Yes… Very out of the norm for me… But so worth it.

Not every song on the album is fantastic. However, the handful that run parallel to my life and what has gone on in my life…really made an impact on me.

I picked this one to put on here today… Not because I want to remember this feeling and how horrible it feels. But….      I like this one in particular because it is something that I’ve experienced… It is very painful…. And I never want to feel that feeling again. No regrets… But I finally learned my lesson. With every 5 dark moments there is one light. Those light moment were some of the best moments of my life then I wouldn’t trade for the world. But… Live, love, learn… And MoveOn.


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