We survived!

Christmas is over. Our relatives are on their way back home ( even though they are stuck in a blizzard in New Mexico now).   And… We survived!

Having  very conservative family… From Texas… For three days straight …. In your home is a bit stressful. 

You have to hear many things… About many races of people… Or religions… Put a smile on your face and ignore it.  It’s not worth the fight… Pick your battles.  

It’s now time to relax, unwind, and do absolutely nothing for a bit.  It’s almost 10am and I’m still laying in bed.  It’s unusually cold here and my bed is comfy and warm…. I don’t want to move! 

The holidays are fun… But so exhausting. Lots of running around and preparation.

This Christmas break has been a life saver. I am feeling better than I have in months… I just needed some down time.

For the rest of the week… I plan on reading the books I never had time for,  setting up my Etsy shop, further exploring Periscope , napping, and  trying out my new Crock Pot.  

I have quite a bit of down time this week… So be prepared for heavy posting. 

Happy Sunday Everyone!  



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