When your wall has a crack…

You put up a wall… Think you’re doing great… You notice a tiny crack… You think… Eh… It will be fine… It will hold. 

Then on a night … Like tonight… One song… One moment… And that small crack turns into a full brick , then two, then five. 

It doesn’t all come crashing down… But it leaves a substantial hole… A hole big enough to let the outside wander in. 

This song… Penetrated my walls tonight. It found the weak spot and came charging in…. Making me think, remember, feel.

I don’t want to feel. 

Because it hurts too much. That vacant spot in your soul. It hurts when you think… You were never good enough… Why couldn’t I be better??  What more could I have done??  

The questions will drive you to the deepest hole… Clawing to get out. 

I don’t want to feel this. 

This song… This fucking song!

I don’t know if I want to cry for it, punch it, hold it, love it, fuck it or kick it in the balls. It’s such a whirlwind of emotion emerging from the flood gates.  

I will spend the rest of my night and this week patching the hole up…. 

Ladies and gentlemen the song that destroyed me tonight…

Tristan Prettyman-  ” Never Say Never” 


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