A working weekend…

Gearing up for a very long weekend.

I have a convention all weekend and since the room rates are so ridiculous (Scottsdale B.S. of course ) … I will be driving back and forth.  Not fun.  The thought of a 4:45am alarm makes me want to hurt someone. 

It should be a fun weekend. Some of my favorite teachers/choreographers will be there. The early alarms and driving back and forth is going to kill me.  I see many Starbucks stops in my future. 

I will also be multitasking. I’m trying to launch my new website by the end of the month.  

So today is going to be a chill – low key day. I’m going to milk this quiet morning for all it’s worth. 

On a side note… What is up with the Oscar Nominations?  I’m pretty confused and slightly irritated with the nominees.   Is anyone else irritated by this?  Haha 

Make today great… Love hard… Play hard

Hugs N’ Kisses 


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