Dear Monday… Be kind

Today has been… A flurry of things.

I meditated for an extra 15 min today. 

I am positive that today will turn around and things will look up. 

Hope everyone has a good day and things turn around for the best.  

This afternoon I played around with a new bath bomb recipe.  I’m really digging it.  I’m going to put it all together tonight!  I’m pretty excited 😊

Well… I leave you with this song because it’s been floating in my head since this morning.  Why this song? Because sometimes things don’t work out, sometimes you want something or someone and life says you can’t. So you smile and let life carry on … But it doesn’t mean you don’t care about it/them.  You just have to let life run its course and make the best out of everything.   But… You can still dream or wish on stars.  It’s always ok to do that. 😊✨✨✨✨


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