Tuesdays Random Thoughts…(dance party included)


Just throwing out my random thoughts on this beautiful Tuesday morning.

  1.  Why are Weezer Tickets soooo expensive?? I’ve seen them at the State Fair… TWICE!!  Now they are playing a decent venue and the tickets are  re-dic-u-lous.  What the hell guys you didn’t even sell out half of the state fair show?!?! 
  2. I’m soooo over gross men. OVER IT!  And YES … To the email I received this morning. I am still not dating anyone.. I said a year and I meant it. I have .. 7 months? … Left of that time frame & I’m sticking to it. Besides with the disgusting and vile pieces of garbage I’ve encountered in the past five  months .. I’m suprised I haven’t started playing for the other team. Of course … I can’t stand most women so I guess that wouldn’t work either. My friends ask me if I miss sex.  I tell them of course… But I’m saving myself for Luke Perry.   
  3. Speaking of Gross Men…..    Recently  I have an aquaintance that is currently whoring his wife out to strangers because it turns him on and she wants to make him happy.  What the fuck?!?!  Ladies..ladies….  What the hell is wrong with you?   It’s one thing to have your man run around and cheat and you aren’t aware or are in denial. But…. To have your man act like your pimp so he can get off? That’s just fucking disgusting.  I want to smack this woman across the face and say.. Have some self respect AND your man looks like                                            ” captain caveman”.  No I’m being serious …. Remember this?   Yes…. I’m being serious. That’s what he looks like.  Put a fucking pimp hat on him and it would be spot on. Of course that catch is… He gets to bang other women. Ooohhhh of course.  My aquaintance is a disgusting piece of shit and his wife a complete dipshit. 
  4. X-Files. Yes I switched gears.  I am ecstatic that the Xfiles will be back on the air. I would say this is my big TV moment of the year but I’d be lying. That award belongs to the season 2 premiere of Mr. Robot.          A Stellar show!  If you aren’t watching it.. You can’t sit with me at lunch. 
  5. Letters… I really would love for the world to get back to writing letters.   No… Not for everyday conversations.  But… Getting a letter is… I dunno?  It just warms my heart.  So get on that people. 
  6.  I spent all morning working on some new bath bomb recipes. My home smells like Vanilla, Sandalwood & lavender.   I want to bottle this scent and take it everywhere I go. My first batch are sitting in their molds now.   Excited to see how they will turn out!  💖

So there is where my head is at today.  I leave you with a little dance party.  Because what’s a day without a dance party?  Boring … That’s what! 


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