Mid week & I am pissed

Wow… Lots to say this morning. This past week has been loaded with work and other bullshit.

Where do I begin? 

Media-  I hate it.  I loathe waking up in the morning and reading that high school kids are walking around their school with asshole  Tshirts on and taking pictures.  I hate that people are coming to their defense and saying it was a mistake.  I’m sick of toxic people on this earth breeding toxic children.   Pull your shit together and be a fucking parent.  Your kid will either be fucked up like yourself or grow up to hate you because you’re so fucked up. Stop blaming other people or others actions for your own destructive, ignorant, and toxic behavior. 

Irresponsible people-   For the past month I’ve encountered so many irresponsible people. One of the places I work is a great example. Nice people, talented people,  complete lack of respect for others and zero communication skills. I will definitely be cutting back from there next season because of the many examples of irresponsibility that I’ve been through with them this year.  It’s sad because they have a great thing going… But no one really seems to know what’s going on.   It’s a bummer.

Trump, Palin & Sheriff Joe-   I don’t want to see news articles or reports on these three fucking losers. The three stooges all lined up in front of the public.  They are disgusting human beings.  

People who don’t stop for school buses or park in handicapped parking spaces-   Fuck you ….you worthless pieces of shit. 

Last but not least…:

Cowardly men that bash women and make verbal threats –   Yes… I had a dance dad go out in to the parking lot I front of other children & parents and say that I’m a “fucking bitch”,  “fuck her “,        ” fuck this place” , ” I don’t give a shit what she thinks” and the best one ” I’ll show her who the man is”    Then… He comes in to my classroom and is always kissing my ass wanting me to small talk and have a conversation with him.    Well… He has messed with the wrong “bitch”.   I know his  of a wife thinks the sun and moon rises in this man’s ass.  He talks to her and treats her like garbage.  That shit doesn’t fly with me. Oh no.  I’m not afraid of any man… I don’t put up with that Neanderthal mentality. I’m just waiting for an opportunity where he walks in to my classroom again wanting to chat it up. There will be a fucking hell storm waiting for him.  No one that fucking disrespects me and talks shit about me …. Will walk into my class and be a two face cowardly pussy. If you’re going to talk the talk… You walk the fucking walk.  He thinks his mouth is bad and he can talk down to me???  He doesn’t even know the wrath that is waiting for him. I will dismantle and destroy him piece by piece.   I’m like a cobra waiting in a dark room waiting to strike. 

So that’s my week so far including 10 hour work days.  I’m tired, I’m over people,  I have a lot to say and I hope I don’t end up in jail after I beat the shit out of this guy. 

The end.


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