Oh… This weekend is long

In the middle of Day 2 of competition and I am already exhausted.  Long days, late nights, no time to eat or drink or breathe or have potty breaks. … I wish I was kidding. Lol

I’m sitting side stage and my eyes are heavy.  How …I’m going to make it until 10:00pm is beyond me.

I’m so happy that my dancers are doing amazing but I would kill for a massage , coffee , a decent meal and a pillow. Lol

I’ve been teaching for over 20 years.  These types of weekends never phased me. I could wiz past these weekends without an issue.  Now…. Being over 40… Putting in a 17 hour day… Three days in a row… Is a friggin killer. 

I also loved the kill of competition.  Now… It doesn’t really matter.  I don’t want my dances & dancers to look bad. But… I could give a rats ass if they get a huge plastic trophy.  If they look good, they feel good, it makes the audience feel good… That’s all I care about. 

I’m tired… Someone save me.  Lol


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