A song… Can do so much


Hello .. Long time no see

These past few weeks have been jam packed with work and other fun stuff. Needless to say… I’m exhausted.  

In the dance world…. It’s crazy busy. There’s something going on every weekend.  We’ve been very successful at all of the competitions.  The kids are great!  Some of the parents are obnoxious .. The rest of them are good.   Just when I think I’m going to get a bit of a break …someone adds more work or events to fill my time.  
My business… Blisses N’ Kisses … Is doing very good so far.  The website… Is a nightmare to configure.  However, I’ve been selling my stuff offline for now and it’s been going good!    One day I sold out in 15 min!!  No kidding!   I honestly thought the process would be easier… Boy was I wrong!  It’s very difficult and time consuming.  I’m working hard at it though and people really seem to be loving them!   I even had one person     (who is a Lush junkie) say tat she likes my bath bombs better than Lush! I was so happy.   Yes.. You may say… Maybe she’s just being nice?   I would agree with that.. If this chick wasn’t so honest. Yesterday she told me my hair looked like shit and I need to get it cut.   So… Honesty.

My personal life… Eh.  I don’t have much of one right now.  I’m working… A lot.  If I do have free time I want to spend it with my kiddo… Not with anyone else.    I was serious when I said one year with out dating.   I’m on month 5…. Half way there.   

Hope everyone out there in the world is doing well and being good to one another πŸ˜ŠπŸ’–πŸ˜ŠπŸ’–πŸ˜ŠπŸ’–

What a week! Β 

I have so much to write about from this week… But I’m finally in bed and exhausted.  πŸ˜΄πŸ˜΄πŸ˜΄

Showstopper Dance competition all weekend long. 

  Tomorrow we go from 7am-11pm.   

The bath bomb biz is starting strong.  It’s keeping me very busy.  Website is STILL being worked on. But.. I’m been selling on my own.  I sold out the other night in 15 min!  Yes …15 min!     It was crazy!!   

Here’s a picture of my Blisses N’ Kisses Bath Bomb names ” Comfort”.  It’s Honey , Oatmeal & vanilla.                             So so yummy! 

I will post more later… Right now…            I need to  πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€

Good night, sweet dreams , hugs n Kisses 😘

Welcom Back, Kotter.

I’m back!  Valentine’s threw me for a loop for just a bit… But I got over that shit and I’m back!   

Spent the day getting shit done.. Kicking ass and taking names!  

I celebrated getting back to me with an afternoon drive to Starbucks. Windows down & Selena Gomez blasting through the speakers. 

Today is a beautiful day!   β˜€οΈ

Happy Valentine’s Day

Hello luvs….

Hope everyone has a beautiful day. Here’s a happy little tune for you!

And you’re with someone today that’s looking out for you and has good intentions for ya!  If they are honest and kind… They are a keeper!   Those qualities are very hard to come by these days.  If someone kicked you to the curb… Or doesn’t give you a second look…. Let them have fun with mediocrity.  Haha!

( Valentine’s Day Snark Added)

This is MY Valentine’s Song…. 

Well shit…..

I thought I was going to get through it. I was feeling pretty good. But… With the help with some down time.. Here I am rehashing feelings and feeling sad.  One glass of wine later and there went the water works.  I hope this goes away in the morning.  

These feelings have been buried but all I can think about is…. Am I that horrible?  What’s wrong with me?  I feel like … I will never be good enough for anyone.  You give yourself away and trust your heart with someone … Only to have them stomp it to pieces and treat you like your a non-existent piece of garbage.  I will never trust anyone ever again.  I’d rather die alone than to put myself through such humiliation, heartache and pain.  My heart hurts tonight… All I can remember is being sucker punched and left to bleed. 

I don’t want to love anyone or let someone close to me ever ever again.  

Love?  Ya… Love can go fuck itself.  I want  that feeling to stay away from me and I don’t want to ever feel it again.  Because most people don’t mean it…  It’s a lie. 

Hey Valentine!

It’s Valentine’s weekend and what does that mean?  For me… Not a lot.  

I will probably drinking a glass of wine on Valentine’s Day and crying over lost love and exposing my once broken heart. 

Sounds like a great time right?  Haha

Eh… I will let it happen for about an hour and then the wall will come back up and I will move merrily along my way.  

Being single & by myself on Valentine’s Day is actually pretty great.  I can sleep in a little, get some work finished, take myself to sushi, I’m going to buy myself something I like,  buy some daisies for my apartment and then I plan on taking myself to see Zoolander 2.  I’m pretty pumped for Valentine’s Day!    

So in honor of this Red Chocolatey Weekend that smells like flowers and fancy Italian dinners … here’s one of my favorite artists playing one of my favorite love songs.