Bath bomb making is a tough process…  You have to have a lot of patience.  Lots of trial and error. I’m getting the hang of it but… Trying out new recipes is quite the process. 

I mixed up a fragrance oil and an essential oil at one point … My house still smells incredibly strong with lavender and I made the opposite two days a go 😂

There is this perfume that I have worn since high school… I tried to mimic its ingredients and I did it… But it’s way to strong.  

So basically anyone that walks in to my place right now will be smacked down the stairs by the aromas that are surrounding my apartment.   

Don’t get me wrong… They aren’t bad… But damn are they strong!  Like I said trial and error.  

I’m looking forward to having Sunday off to finalize recipes and all the Jazz. 

I was hoping I would have them online by now. But… They just aren’t ready and I’m learning that I need a lot of patience with this process. 😊


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