Even more patience….

If I keep extending meditation time …         I will  never be able to leave my home. 

It’s hard to stay positive when you are spinning your wheels in the some muddy back road. 

Some days… Like today… I can’t help but to think about what I’m missing in life. Who I’m missing. Where I’m missing. 

I sat for over an hour today and just cried.

There’s so much I want to do.  So much I would love to say.  So many places I want to go. 

I know I’m tired. I’ve been disappointed a lot by people this week.  I’m not feeling well. I’m a bit stressed.  

I know all these things are playing a part in how I’m feeling.

I’ve pretty much shut myself off to people for the past 4 months.  

I feel happy with the life I’ve made for myself. Proud of what I am accomplishing.  Yet… I am very lonely. 

It’s tiring being strong all the time. It’s overwhelming being responsible for so much. It’s stressful balancing the work load that I do.  And I have no one…. I am a one woman army.  


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