People are heartless…

Over The weekend one of my students was at a dance competition and their car got broken into.  The heartless theif/thieves stole this Little girls costume bag, dance bag, And  her make up bag.  Over $1000 worth of costumes & dance shoes were in those bags!

It is so sad to me that someone could break into a car… Clearly see this is a child’s bag since it was pink and zebra print… And proceed to steal it. What is wrong with people?

This poor little girl competes again in two weeks and as of right now has nothing. No costumes, no shoes, no make up, no hair accessories… Nothing. She is absolutely devastated.

I have already put in a call to the dancewear store to get her her new tap shoes. It is the least I can do. Her parents will have to purchase so much more in this next week just so that she can get on stage next week. I can’t even imagine!  Who has over $1000 extra laying around. Yes … There will be insurance  claims. But… All of this stuff needs to be purchased ASAP!  The seamstress has to remake all of her costumes right away or not only does this little girl not get to go on stage… Her parents will also lose the competition fees that were due because they were nonrefundable.

This world is fucked up! How do you break into someone else’s car? How do you open up a bag and see children’s costumes in it and think… This looks like a good plan? What kind of person thinks that this behavior is OK? It makes me sick!

This family has spent so much money… They work so hard to make sure their daughters dreams come true. Only to have that ripped away for a moment by a lazy ass low life. There are no words


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