Hey Valentine!

It’s Valentine’s weekend and what does that mean?  For me… Not a lot.  

I will probably drinking a glass of wine on Valentine’s Day and crying over lost love and exposing my once broken heart. 

Sounds like a great time right?  Haha

Eh… I will let it happen for about an hour and then the wall will come back up and I will move merrily along my way.  

Being single & by myself on Valentine’s Day is actually pretty great.  I can sleep in a little, get some work finished, take myself to sushi, I’m going to buy myself something I like,  buy some daisies for my apartment and then I plan on taking myself to see Zoolander 2.  I’m pretty pumped for Valentine’s Day!    

So in honor of this Red Chocolatey Weekend that smells like flowers and fancy Italian dinners … here’s one of my favorite artists playing one of my favorite love songs.  


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