Duckie vs. Blane

Duckie vs. Blane?

Usually… This is a no-brainer question.
The duck man has always been my go to. He’s quirky, charming, a little crazy… Right up my alley. I always will be a fan of Duckie. 

I never understood the end of Pretty In Pink…. Why Blane?  Over Duckie? Really??

It’s been years… And years… And years… ( ok , I’m old )   And I still never understood.  

Until now…

I found a Blane.  He makes me smile. He makes me feel all the feels.  It’s been so long since I’ve looked at someone and just smiled because they walked in to the room.  Yes… I am still not dating for a year.  I’m still on that track.  Plus… I’m keeping a closed mouth… Not telling him that he is a Blane. 

I would like to tell him. I’d  also like to violate him everytime he is near me. But… One year, keeping hush, this is difficult .. Haha!  

A girl can dream 


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