Easy Breezy Day!

Got my hair did today… Cut & Color.

Had to go to a new girl. My stylist moved to Seattle… how dare she!  Hahaha 

The new stylist did great!  I love it!  Love that she kept the length and it’s still long.  

This has been an awesome week off.  Tomorrow … Laying low to work on bath bombs all day.  We are doing Taco Thursday since we missed Tuesday.  Going to the Spark! Festival in Downtown Mesa on Friday. That should be a ton of fun!  Looks like we will have a small group going.  Empanadas, creative art/concepts and music!   My kind of night!   Can’t wait to see the Love Me Nots  play live!  I will take pics & video and probably  scope it. 

This weekend … I’m still unsure about what to do?  Thought about going to Bisbee. Eh… Not sure.  We thought about hitting up the zoo. Everything is still up in the air.  If the Festival is awesome on Friday… We may hit it up again on Sunday.  Depends on how many bath bomb orders I have coming in. 

I get to sleep in tomorrow but…. My apartment complex has workers working on my roof in the morning … Ugh!!!! They have been working for weeks here. They are so friggin loud!    Any who… I got to make another batch of bath bomb.  

Hope everyone is having a beautiful week! 😘.  


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