That moment between sleep and awake… 

That moment when you look at a person and just are content & happy that they exist.  There’s no label or name for it.  There isn’t a sacrifice or a burden. They are like a breath of fresh air.  I ran in to this quote today… 

It’s very true.  When you are in the middle of good hearted laugh and you think… I’m just happy I know you…. I am grateful for this moment in time.  It’s those moments that make awesome memories.  That easy feeling of joy.   

Some people can’t be comfortable with that thought… Me?  I think it’s the most comforting thought you can have.  There’s this person…. This imperfectly perfect human … Who just makes you smile that they exist.  

A shit storm could go down.  It could be the end of the world. You’ll know that no matter what happens… This person will always mean the world to you. Because…. Their personality, their heart, their character … They make you laugh, they make you forget everything around you, they make you smile… Because they are who they are.  

What more can a person want? Laughing without a care in the world.                            I think that’s pretty amazing. 


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