Here it goes….

My home  for the next few days …. 

It’s competition time!  

Renaissance Hotel… Be nice to me.  I’ll be here all weekend so let’s be friends. 

I’m sitting here by myself waiting for the Calvary to come.  The calm before the storm.  I am a mess and super full of the jitters. No not caffeine jitters…. Actual terrified jitters. 

I had a peaceful and calm morning leading up to this point because I know During this week I’ll be exhausted, hungry, cranky, nervous, petrified & stressed. 

What was I thinking … Coming here??? Ok I’m not going to doubt myself.  Deep breath…. Be strong… Don’t show fear.  I keep repeating to myself over and over again.  Not going to lie… I’m scared, frightened, overwhelmed but excited?!?!   I am a one woman army this weekend. Normally…. I’m cool with that.  This weekend… Nope.  Not cool with it.  

If the anxiety gets too bad I could always walk out the front door and go hang out at Wesgate right out front… Right??  

Ugh…. Anxiety big time ya’ll 😕


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