Hello Monday…

It’s absolutely gorgeous out.  

I’m trying to ignore the annoying chicks in front of me at Starbucks. Loud attention seekers always bug me…. Go back to my happy place…. Breathe…. Oh they are so annoying. Why are the yelling and bellowing?  It’s 8am!!  They must be doing the housewife crack.

Anywho…. Let me sidestep these basic bitches and move on to the patio. 

Ahhhh…. Better.  It’s 62 degrees outside and I am enjoying this weather while it last. In Arizona… 60 degree weather in April is a blessing.

It’s a new week… And I’m walking into this one with a better attitude.  The last two weeks have been rough.  Sadness, anxiety, regret, stress, and there was a death in my circle of friends. This week… I am trying to move forward and Forget a little…no forgiving …. Not at this point. Baby steps to that.  No forgiving right now. 

Ugh…. I can hear those women cackling inside.  How can that be?  They are like a gaggle of geese. How can such a loud noise come out of only two people?  Breathe…. Take a sip of coffee…. Return to a peaceful moment…. Ok.

So I’m sitting here…clearing my mind and trying to figure out what song is like to choose today.  

I feel like I’m resetting once again. This time… I think it’s going to be a hard reset.  Instead of storing … I’m going to be deleting.   No looking back. Only looking forward.  So … I think I’ll go with this tune by Frank Turner today. 😊

Hope you all have a beautiful day!  


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