The long running joke…

It happens.. Someone tells a joke or talks about some joke they heard..

You’ve heard it before but you humor them. It’s not as funny the first time you hear it.  But what happens after the fourth time?  Or when your crazy uncle tells the same joke for the past 5 years at your family gathering?

What if the joke is more about you?  Someone constantly making you out as the butt of the joke…. Like an open wound that isn’t allowed to heal yet isn’t allowed not to bleed.   Confusing right?

You would think a two decade joke would lose its steam or fall flat after awhile…  

So when do you tell the jokester… That’s enough!! I’ve heard this fucking joke before and it’s getting fucking old!!! 

Today… Today is the day… I will no longer be supplying you material for your punchline. Good luck to the next victim…. They are gonna need it.


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