Could you let me do my job… Please?

Food for thought…
I have been in the dance world for 38 years, been teaching for 25 years, and been putting companies together for 23 years. 
Sometimes i feel like I’ve heard it all and seen it all in this business. However…. I learn something new everyday. That’s what’s so friggin cool about this industry.  

If you truly care about your child’s dance education ( I’m not talking about costumes, how many dances your in, how many solos you have, or what your class name is called )  

I’m talking about training, developing style, finding their personality & character, getting a good work ethic, understanding commitment, consistency and responsibility, and learning how to evolve as a dancer as well as work with a group. Because THAT my friends is what a dancer needs to succeed and excel. If you truly care.. Let them train. 
Like I said before…. I’ve been doing this for a pretty long time. I wouldn’t dream of walking into someone else’s work space without knowledge, understanding and experience at that job and tell someone how they should be doing it. I wouldn’t walk into someone’s home and tell them how to raise their child. Every situation is different and everyone has a way to their road of success.  

The picture below is a long running issue in this business. No matter what year it is, where you teach … You always run into this. Everyone thinks their kid is a star. As you should! You should be their biggest positive supporter and their cheerleader. I think my kid is the and a perfect angel! Haha!!!

But please…. Please ….let teachers and owners do the job that they are trained for. 

We’ve spent a lot of time, blood , sweat and tears to get where we are today. Your child’s success is our success. That’s always our goal. It’s not about one child, or a small group of children. If that’s the case…. You need to run from that negative space. In a studio , in a company… There are many children and they are all magnificent in their own way and bring so much talent, life and joy to the table.  

I know this is long. I don’t apologize.
It’s recital, nationals, and audition time. I just want to remind everyone … No matter where you dance or who your dancer is…They all are amazing and we as a community of teachers will be there to back them up every step of the way… Always.


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