This article on Facebook Today….

I wish this wasn’t accurate .. But it is. I can’t even count on one hand the relationships I’ve had where guys have said …You are awesome, chill, supportive , fun , hard working, a great mom, loving BUT basically they had to cheat on me because I didn’t meet their standards on what they physically wanted. Which is fine …C’est la vie! I’ve never been the petite girl.. That’s for sure. Lol

That won’t change who I am. 

If they are just looking for that… I wish them all the best. My question is… Why can men gain weight? Why can men grow their beards like a lumber jack that could house a birds nest inside? Why can men have receding hairline’s & go bald? Yet… I am criticized for cutting my hair in a style they don’t like or a color they aren’t fond of!Why can they be hard workers and in to their jobs? I’ve heard it , seen it and lived it…. When a man complains he’s working too hard and no one is helping him. Then you work more hours and now he “feels neglected”. Seriously? Make up your damn mind! Why is the standard so much higher for women than it is for men? 

I know what you’re about to say. One or two men will respond to this post saying … That’s not true. I don’t judge anyone. I would want those qualities in a woman. 

Fantastic! Congratulations on being a decent person. However that’s 1 or 2 of you that may say that out of the 8 that I’ve encountered through out my life who have dismissed me because they had someone who met ” their physical standards” waiting on the sidelines or hidden away for a rainy day. Haha 

Not the greatest odds there. 

Nothing beats you up more than to hear the words.. ” you are fantastic… Everything I’ve needed and wanted… But if you lost weight… You’d be perfect”

Like I said .. Best of luck to them on finding and keeping their ” perfection”…. I hope that makes them happy and brings their life joy. 
I hope no one treats their sons/daughters that way. Hopefully… They will teach their children that other traits like… Being kind, selfless, honest, patient, generous, loving, understanding, having & showing integrity, and being a hard worker… Out weighs everything else. 

Sorry …. Little rant. This article just hit a little too close to home. I’m not saying everyone is like this. I am saying… Boy it sure feels like they are. Haha! 


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