Well Vegas… Until we meet again! 

I’ve been in Vegas for the past week at my students dance national dance competition… We did great!  We won several national titles,  I won 2 choreography awards… We did not win the Grand Championship. There’s always next year 😊

Here’s just a recap of the week:

It was an amazing week!  

It was also a heartbreaking week. Long story… It involves a guy … Of course🙄

I now have a week off of work… Which could be awesome or WAY too much time for me to sit with my thoughts.  

I’m so happy and proud of my dancers..yet a certain situation is sort of casting a shadow over my joy.  

Have you ever watched someone walk away and you tell yourself…. I may never see them again.. And it just cuts you like a knife??   I’ve been heartbroken before… But this… It shook my soul.  Sometimes I look in the mirror and ask myself… Why am I THIS person?  Why can’t  I  be that perfect human creature that doesn’t have to feel this way?  Have you ever thought to yourself… I know I can fix all their broken pieces and give them the live and light they deserve?     I do!    ALL THE TIME!  

Ugh…. That moment when you are in denial that it’s not going to hurt that bad… And when it happens… It breaks your heart in to pieces. 

There are some people you have to let go… There are some people that aren’t meant for you to hold… And it sucks big time.   Heh 

Iv’e accomplished so much this past week…. But I’m still sad I had to let go… Even if it was a silly day dream or a fairytale that I conjured up in my head.  I still had to close the book and watch as they walked away.    

No fairytale ending here. Just a harsh reality slapping me upside the head. 

All I could do is cry…. That’s it. 


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