Purple Rain

So…. I love Prince.

I love the man’s style. I love his music. I love his personality. I think he was and always will be one hell of a talent.  

However…. (And may he be forever eternally happy and at peace)… What is with the kissing scenes in Purple Rain. I mean…who directed this?  Who thought .. Yeah that was a good shot.  Every time he kisses her … It’s extremely awkward.  

That is not his fault…. That is the directors fault.  If it’s that awkward cut to a different angle for crying out loud!!! 

Ok…. Rant over.

This movie is anything but normal. I love Prince… But he is an awkward person.  I say that in the most loving way possible. 

But seriously…. Learn camera angles if you’re going to shoot a movie…. Damn. 

Much love to Prince though.