Where am I??? My social media hang outs.

Between work, running my online store and being a mom…. I also run amuck on many social media platforms.  Some I love… Some I don’t love…. Some I love but I’m still trying to grasp how it fully works. Haha

1. Facebook

 Although many youngin’s say that FB         is ” uncool”….  I find it to be a great outlet for resourcing, business , networking and of course for family.           ( because it’s the only app they know how to use )  haha    I promote my online store on FB and its where I network for my choreography jobs.  Personally… I like it.  I can post as many kitten videos and no one gives me shit. Hah!

2. Twitter 

I fucking hate this app. Most of the people that hang out on Twitter are mean , disrespectful, and down right disgusting.  You won’t find me here too often… I use it for news and sending private messages to my circle of friends 

3. InstagramWords can not express my love for IG.  Fantastic for sharing vids & pics. Great for business …. Especially advertising and hashtags.  I love that I can see I pic of my friends dog and the next picture is Emma Roberts.  So fun! 

4. Periscope

I have a love hate relationship with Peri.  I LOVE that I can watch Disneyland scopes, great concerts and see my friends. I’ve made some great Peri Friends and it’s been a great experience. However, there is a dark side to periscope.  I’ve blocked over 150 people or spam accounts on periscope … I know someone that has 5,000 people blocked!  There are some nasty heinous creatures running around on Peri. I Stop Block & Roll often… But in the end it’s a fantastic app!
5. Snap Chat

I’m digging Snap…. At times I don’t know what the hell in doing .  Haha!!  The only snaps I get are from my students … They are pretty hilarious.  Other than that… I’m still trying to weed my way through the snap chat world.  

6. Busker

I friggin Loooooove Busker!  It’s a great app for so many that have a great skill.  You can watch someone sing on a street corner and tip them right through the app.  It’s great!  It’s still fairly new and still going through beta testing for android users …. But all in all … It’s amazing!    Soon you will be able to sell your products right through your live broadcast!  I feel like they are on to something and I’m excited to see how this app grows. 

Which  social media platforms do you prefer?   


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